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Mom Thinks I’m Cool is a vintage resell clothing brand that takes pride in sourcing authentic vintage garments (mixed with a little bit of hand picked modern stuff). Our goal is to help our customers look cool AF while contributing as little to the unethical nature of the fashion industry as possible. One of the best ways to do that is by shopping second hand!

There can be a stigma against shopping second hand but in our eyes, the most fashionable people are the ones that can create outfits that represent who they are without having to have something that is brand new.

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frequently asked questions

Why don’t you offer returns or exchanges?

Because we do not have more than one in stock for each item and because our customers know that second hand clothing (though awesome) is also that, second hand. We cannot predict how long a garment will last but we do our best to make sure everything we have on hand is in good condition. 

are you also starting your own clothing brand?

Yes we are! It is a slow and new process for our owner and he has hefty goals to make the process as ethical as possible. Sign up for our newsletter and you’ll be the first to know when it is coming!

Can we sell our vintage clothes to you?

Yes you can! We buy vintage clothing at 1/3 of the price we will list it for. Email hello@momthinksimcool.com to set up an appt!