we're a small biz 
      with big dreams

Mom Thinks I’m Cool is a vintage resell clothing brand that takes pride in sourcing authentic vintage garments (mixed with a little bit of hand picked modern stuff). Our goal is to help our customers look cool AF while contributing as little to the unethical nature of the fashion industry as possible. One of the best ways to do that is by shopping second hand!

There can be a stigma against shopping second hand but in our eyes, the most fashionable people are the ones that can create outfits that represent who they are without having to have something that is brand new.

Vintage is a vibe, people.

We know it, you know it, your mom knows it.

So let’s get stylish, baby.

about our brand

Our owner, Gabriel Conover, is a San Diego native who has been a business owner since 2017. He started out in the photo industry making his living specializing in wedding photography for 5 years. Later on he opened up a creative studio/small event venue in La Mesa called, Gud Times. These two experiences sparked his passion for small business entrepreneurship. He always intends to be in the business of creativity.

In 2019, Gabe committed to only buy second hand or ethically made clothing. Through this commitment, a greater love for fashion was created. Vintage clothing helped him to explore many realms of fashion. One of his main goals in opening Mom Thinks I’m Cool was to help others find a way to express themselves and get creative with their every day outfits. Seeing the excitement someone gets when they try on a garment that just works is so life giving.

about the owner

 And that is why we
    are here today!

what are you waiting for?

We add vintage items to our online shop weekly! Go check out the shop to see what’s available before it’s gone! We sell quick and unfortunately, we only have 1 of everything. But like we said, there are always new treasures to see!

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